On every full moon poya day, the religious programmes including the Observance of Sil, Dhamma Talks and Discussions, Meditation and Buddha Vandana will be conducted by the resident monks at the Leeds Buddhist Vihara. If you would like to participate Poya Day Sil Programme, please contact Leeds Buddhist Vihara for more information. All Full Moon Poya Days are listed on the event calendar.

This is the Full Moon Poya Day programme of Leeds Buddhist Vihara.

Time Programme
9.00am-10.00am Buddha Vandana and Observance of Sil
10.00am-11.00am Meditation Programme
11.00am-11.30am Discussion on Meditation
11.30am-12.00pm Buddha Puja and Sangika Dana (බුද්ධ පූජා සහ සාංඝික දානය)
12.00pm-1.00pm Dana for the devotees (උපාසක දානය)
1.00pm-2.00pm Dhamma Sermon
2.00pm-2.45pm Dhamma Discussion
2.45pm-3.15pm Chanting Pirith
3.15pm-3.30pm Sil Pavaranaya
3.30pm-4.00pm Gilanpasa and rehreshments