The teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma), leads all irrespective of caste, creed or nationality to both worldly and spiritual growth. In the propagation of this noble teaching, Sri Lanka undoubtedly bears a unique position among the countries that gave rise to it both through theoretical and practical aspects.

The various types of religious and cultural functions that are practically observable in the Sri Lankan society have contributed in a great deal. Writing Dhamma, conducting Dhamma sermons and Poya day programmes and several other functions which are of cultural significance too have contributed to promote the above aspects.

As such, it is a great pleasure to see in many countries Sri Lankan communities organising such functions.

Although we are far away from our motherland it is an invaluable service that the temple provides even by imparting the relevant education together with the rights and rituals related to Buddhism and Buddhist culture to all young and old.

This also is a noble service rendered to both Sri Lankans and non-Sri Lankans. Further, this service is broadened by means of conducting Dhamma Schools and other religious activities. As a whole, this in particular provides a broader knowledge to children of Sri Lankan families too about the teachings of the Buddha and cultural values related to it.

Leeds Buddhist Vihara presently acts as the centre in the Northern England to render the above mentioned services, extending it even to the distant cities such as NewCastle, Middlesbrough, Doncaster, Hull and York.

As an extension of the said service a Dhamma School is conducted in Leeds on every second Saturday of the month and in Middlesbrough on every fourth Sunday with diligent efforts and dedication of the parents.

In addition, it is also a pleasure to get an opportunity to further serve many of the people with their religious needs continuously through the monthly Dhamma sermons and meditation programmes conducted in Leeds.

Leeds Buddhist was inaugurated in order to carry out this noble service in a more efficient manner and make these facilities more accessible to the Sri Lankan community living in the North and North East of England. This has increased opportunities for the people both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan devotees living in North of England to have easy access to their religious needs.

Leeds Buddhist Vihara inauguration was everyones’ unites and work towards its success and this undoubtedly is one of the greatest gifts that we all can pass onto our next generation.

Triple Gem Bless You!

Most Venerable Pidiwille Piyatissa Thero

Head Monk and Chair of Leeds Buddhist Vihara Trust