Offer Dana For Maha Sanga

If you wish to arrange a Dana for Maha Sanga, either at the temple or at your residence, please contact the temple on 01134433488 or 07434839663 to check the availability of the monks to accept dana.

If the monks have already agreed to accept Dana from another devotee, they may not be able to accept your invitation. They will try and arrange an alternative day with you but may not be able to confirm immediately over the phone. In such situations, the monks will contact you as soon as possible.

Provisional Dana (මුර දානය)

Once the temple was opened, families in Leeds and surrounding areas have generously agreed to provide Dana to the resident monks on every day of the month (මුර දානය). The Dana that they provide is provisional and repeats every month on the date that they have confirmed in case the resident monks don’t receive Dana from any other devotees.

As such, please note that provisional Dana reservations are not confirmed and are there to ensure that the resident monks will always have a Dana. If the resident monks are invited by another devotee for a Dana, the resident monks will contact the devotee who has accepted a provisional Dana to inform them to cancel the provisional Dana for that day.

If a devotee who has accepted a provisional Dana wants to offer Dana on the date that they have provisionally agreed, they have to contact the temple in advance and advise the resident monks that they need to offer Dana on that date.

If a devotee wishes is unable to offer the provisional Dana, please contact the resident monks in advance.

Please note that  there may be times that the resident monks may have to travel religious ceremonies in other cities. in such instances, the provisional Dana holder will be notified in advance.

If you have any queries regarding Provisional Dana, please contact temple.