Kathina Ceremony – 04/11/2018

The Kathina Ceremony 2018 of Leeds Buddhist Vihara was held on Sunday the 04th November 2018 amidst a large gathering of devotees from Yorkshire, under the guidance of the abbot of both Ketumati Buddhist Vihara and Leeds Buddhist Vihara, Most Ven. Pidiville Piyathissa Maha Thero. This Kathina ceremony was sponsored by the Buddhist Families living in Yorkshire area. The ceremony was attended by 6 Buddhist monks from Ketumati Buddhist Vihara, Leeds Buddhist Vihara and Letchworth Buddhist Vihara.

The Kathina ceremony was the culmination of religious programmes organised by the Leeds Buddhist Vihara throughout the months of July, August, September and October.

The ceremony started with a magnificent Kathina procession organized by the students, teachers and the parents of the Yorkshire Dhamma School.

The Maha Sangha was welcomed in to the main hall through a special Pawada. Thereafter, Buddha Puja was offered and Ven. Galpotayaye Pemananda Thero welcomed the devotees to the event. Ven. Demmunnawe Upali Thero gave the pansil at 10.45am. This was followed by a sermon from Ven. Kaluaggala Saranasiri Thero.

Dana was offered to Maha Sanga at 11:30 a.m. followed by a presentation on the activities already carried out by Leeds Buddhist Vihara.

Most Ven. Pidiwille Piyatissa Thero gave a sermon at 12.30pm and at the end of the sermon, the Kathina Cheevara was offered by Devotees living in Yorkshire. Ven. Dediyawala Wimala Thero from Letchworth Buddhist Vihara conducted a Dhamma sermon on the significance of Kathina.

Lunch was served to the devotees at the end of the ceremony.