Katina Ceremony 2022

The Kathina Ceremony 2022 of Leeds Buddhist Vihara was held on Saturday the 15th October amidst a large gathering of devotees from the North of England, under the guidance of the Head Monk of both Ketumati and Leeds Buddhist Vihara, the Most Ven. Pidiville Piyathissa Maha Thero. This Kathina was sponsored by Buddhist Families living in Yorkshire area. The ceremony was attended by 6 Buddhist monks from Ketumati Buddhist Vihara and Leicester Buddhist Vihara.

The ceremony started with a Kathina procession organized by the students, teachers and the parents of the Leeds Buddhist Vihara Dhamma School together with other devotees.

Buddha Puja was offered to commence the event inside a hall decorated for the purpose with Buddhist flags and other artefacts. Under the guidance of the Head Monk, Ven. Galpotayaye Pemananda Thero welcomed the devotees to the event. Ven. Kekundeniye Shantha Thero administrated five precepts (Pansil) at 10.45am. Offering of Buddha Puja was conducted by Ven. Ariyadhamma Thero and monks were served with Dana by the Dayaka members.

All devotees were given refreshments at this time.

The second session started with a presentation of Kathina by final year students of Dhamma School. Then Most Ven. Pidiwille Piyatissa Maha Thero given a speech on Leeds Buddhist Vihara. A presentation followed which highlighted the history and key services of Leeds Buddhist Vihara.

The Kathina Cheevara was offered to Maha Sanga by Dr. Chaminda Weerasekara with his family members which was accepted by Ven. Devalegama Somananda Thero.

Thereafter Ven. Devalegama Somananda Thero  conducted a Dhamma Sermons in Sinhala.

The programme concluded around 1.30pm with lunch served to all devotees.