Starts in 10 Days, 4 Hours

May 27, 2023 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HD

Organized By

Leeds Buddhist Vihara

09:00am – Arrival

09:30am – Observance of Eight Precepts

09:40am – Dhamma Sermon “Significance of Vesak” (English)

10:30am – Meditation Sitting/Walking (guided)

11:00am – Buddha Puja 11:15am – Offering Dana to the monks and those who observed Eight Precepts

12:00pm – Lunch for others

12:05pm – The Video Presentation “The Life Story of Buddha”

01:10pm – Children’s Presentations

02:00pm – Dhamma Discussion on “Vitakkasanthana Sutta – The Removal of Distractng Thoughts” (Majjhima Nikaya 20)

03:00pm – Meditation sitting/walking (guided)

03:15pm – Dhamma Sermon

03:45pm – Termination of Sil, blessing and anumodana

04:00pm – Tea refreshment